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Friday, July 01, 2005

Shaved ... and Loving It!!

An update on my friend who was wondering whether or not to go bald ... well she did as the Kucing advised, and the results are in!

The mags, she couldn't get hold of (where does one get porno mags in KL huh?). She wanted to print out some pics from the Net but her printer ran out of ink so no go on that.

Finally she decided to just do it and to hell with the consequences. She started shaving, with the intention of going totally bald, but then chickened out and left a landing strip.

That evening, she seduced the guy like nobody's business. He was so turned on he wanted to do it right there and then .... in the restaurant they were having dinner in! Ya, my friend is very skillful, can turn men on without even touching them - all these skills taught by the great Kucing Gatal.

Anyway, being wicked, my friend turned up the heat a little more until the guy couldn't stand it, practically threw down his cutlery, asked for the bill, paid, and almost dragged her back to the car. He sped to some lorong belakang somewhere, and in no time the windows were all fogged up. It was a bit dark so he couldn't see the difference, but boy could he feel it!

According to my friend, "First he stopped, then asked, 'did you do something?' I'm busy moaning away, can't be bothered to make conversation so I didn't answer. So he bent over for closer examination ... and let me tell you, Kucing, he was like a different man that night, just couldn't get enough of me. It was the best sensation both for him and me! Can feel everything so much better. And now he wants me to get rid of the landing strip for even more slurpy pleasure!"

So there you have it, boys and girls. The verdict: bald is better.

Till next time, this is Kucing Gatal signing out with a pleased Meow.


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