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Friday, July 22, 2005

Shop till I drop

Tomorrow the mega sale carnival starts. I can hardly wait. Been scouting around for items that I want, and holding off from buying them so that I can get them cheaper. That's the hope; too many times I've waited patiently for the sale to start, then I can't find that particular item. Seems that all the old, ugly and surplus stock will be brought out during sales periods and it's hard to find the nice new stuff that you really want.

I'm also dreading the queues to the dressing rooms during the sales. I can grow and harvest padi while waiting to try on the one and only blouse that I want. But what to do, to save 40%, one must be patient - my shopping mantra.

From tomorrow onwards, I'll have to fight with hordes of other kiasu shoppers to get the items before they're all snapped up. I notice that the women shoppers can get particularly aggressive in the lingerie department. I've been to warehouse sales where all these aunties are ruthlessly pushing and shoving to get the bras and panties they want. And not just the old-fashioned types of underwear, some of these aunties are actually grabbing several pairs of g-strings at one go!

I used to be polite and stand back, only to find, when I finally get to the front, that all the best items are gone. So now, Kucing Gatal is sharpening her claws. No more Ms Nice Girl!

Let the shopping begin!


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