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Saturday, August 13, 2005

De Bastard: Part 1

Sometimes you find that everything is going your way, your life is perfect, and nothing can ruin it ... and then you find that you're your own worst enemy.

At one time, I had this great man (J). He had neither looks nor wealth, but he was gentle, affectionate and loyal. Everything that a wise woman wants in a man, knowing that he is perfect husband material. He used to tell me often how much he loved me, how much he loved having me in his life. And I loved him back.

Then I met De Bastard. The kind that foolish women swoon over - great looks, real charmer, knows how to manipulate women. I disliked him instantly, which, in hindsight, probably spurred him on to try and win over my affections. Men like this have egos the size of a jumbo jet and always take it as a challenge when a woman doesn't fall in love with them at first sight. They wine her and dine her, and the minute her eyes go all googly and starry, they dump her.

I'm sure you all know men like De Bastard.

I was introduced to De Bastard by a mutual friend (M). M and I were having dinner one late evening (J wasn't with us because he was working late) when De Bastard called her, saying he was bored. M invited him to join us, then quickly filled me in on his background. "Real buaya," she warned.

He arrived about 20 minutes later, and I had my first look at the man who would ruin my love life. Tall, fair, freshly shaved, funky gelled hairstyle, bedroom eyes, a killer smile and dimples to boot. He smelled of Cool Water, which at that time was one of my favourite male scents until every Ah Beng in town decided to jump on the Davidoff bandwagon.

"Hello," he smiled politely at me. The introductions were made. Small talk ensued. I was immune to his looks and charm. My mind was concerned with other matters, specifically what time J was going to call me, and whether he would remember it was our 6 month anniversary the next day. De Bastard kept trying to draw me into the conversation but I just answered in monosyllables, more intent on finishing off my food and getting home. Finally he gave up and focused his attention on M.

"M, you know that girl in my office I was telling you about? The one who makes any excuse to stop by my cubicle? She resigned today. My fan club is gone," he said, laughing. I noticed the dimples flashing in and out. Hmm, quite cute, my heart said. Yes but he's a bastard, my brain said. True, my heart concurred.

More small talk, and finally we called it a night. J still hadn't called, and I was cursing his boss for driving him so hard. "It was nice to meet you, Kucing," De Bastard said as we got up, extending his arm for a handshake. My hand automatically shot out and clasped his. "Nice to meet you too," I responded. Lest you think otherwise, there was no chemistry, no spark of any kind. I went home and J called an hour later, apologising as he had been caught in a meeting. "I love you, sayang," he said. "See you tomorrow, sweet dreams."

That was typical J, no matter how stressed out he was in the office, he would always be calm and sweet when talking to me.

Time passed, and J started getting busier at work. He was working hard to get a promotion, and consequently we had less time to meet up. I hung out more often with M, and De Bastard started becoming a regular at our outings. I found out that he was a real buaya, and he had many conquests to boast about. "But now I've changed. I want to meet that special someone, it's time for me to settle down," he said, shooting a serious look at M and me. Ya right, my brain muttered, a leopard never changes his spots. Once a buaya, always a buaya.

Two weeks later, my phone beeped with an SMS. "Hi Kucing, wondering if u're free for a drink? I'm super bored ~ De Bastard," it read. Damn, M must have given him my phone number. It so happened at the time that I was bored as well, and had nothing to do, but wasn't interested in meeting him. "Sorry, I have some work to finish up," I lied in my SMS back to him. No response. Hah, I thought, typical bastardy behaviour. You don't get what you want, so you just merajuk or disappear.

I was wrong.

An hour later, another SMS came in. "Hi Kucing, still working? I'm still bored. Have you had dinner?" Alamak, I thought. Obviously this guy hasn't given up. I wondered where M was and why De Bastard didn't just go out with her. This time I didn't reply until half an hour later. "Ya still working. Already eaten."

His reply came in barely a minute later. "Awww, now I have no one to have dinner with. I'm starving. Never mind, have a good night." I felt a pang of conscience but dismissed it, knowing that this was how buayas operated. They manipulate you into feeling sorry for them - and once you start feeling even the slightest pity, you know that you're in for an emotional roller coaster ride.


This is turning out to be an extra long story, so I shall write it in parts so as not to miss out any details. Part II to follow soon.

Till next time, this is Kucing Gatal signing out with an anti-bastard Meow.


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