Kucing Gatal Speaks

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nipples on Show

I have fairly large breasts - not obscenely large, nowhere near the scale of Dolly Parton, but a good decent size. The men I've been with loved cupping them, and fondling them, and paid lavish attention to them. They're much loved, these breasts of mine.

Anyway, I did something naughty just the other day. I was off from work, and bored. So I decided to head out into the big bad world of KL.

Put on a nice baju kurung, one of my favourites. I don't like those loose, shapeless ones favoured by so many women. Mine are a little more snug, having been tailored to suit my body shape.

Oh, and I didn't wear a bra.

Off I went.

Suffice to say, men noticed. They ogled. My nipples hardened, as they do, under such attention. They ogled some more. I hardened some more. It was a very pleasurable cycle. I think a couple of the guys hardened too.

I would stop to window shop, press up against some glass case, and it just felt so. damn. good.

By the time I came home, I was horny as hell. Called up hubby-to-be, he made some excuse and left work, and came home and ravished me. Rough sex, but not too rough, just the way I like it. Orgasmically, scream-out-loud good. Easily one of my top 5 sexual encounters.

He now wants to come with me on my next braless outing, and fondle my breasts in public. Just how and when we don't know yet. Have to figure out the best place and time so we don't get caught, while at the same time, have enough people watching to make it exciting.

We both like to live dangerously, him and me.

Till next time, this is Kucing Gatal signing out with a bare-breasted Meow.